About Xinxin

Buying and selling a home successfully entails a multifaceted approach to a transaction.  Xinxin’s diverse background and professional experience has proven an invaluable resource to her clients throughout the years. Before becoming a realtor, Xinxin practiced securities law for seven years at K&L Gates, a multinational law firm.  As legal counsel, she was dedicated to her clients’ cause and became an experienced advocate for their interests. Her experience at major investment management companies in San Francisco has also taught her important lessons about investing.

Xinxin’s education background includes B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Santa Clara University. Dedication, integrity, professionalism, strong research and analytical skills, attention to detail and business acumen are just some of the qualities that set Xinxin apart from the crowd.

For those who met her the first time, it was hard to believe that Xinxin grew up in China and attended university in Beijing prior to moving to the Bay Area. Xinxin is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.  Xinxin’s understanding and deep appreciation for different cultures and values enables her to reach a much broader group of buyers, sellers and investors.

While not working with her clients or previewing homes, Xinxin enjoys spending time with her family, hiking with friends, and applying her adept hands at gardening, home remodeling and interior decorating.