Palo Alto

This charming and affluent city, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is home to Stanford University and offers a great quality of life to all of its residents. The demand for homes is very strong as Palo Alto offers an unmatched combination of great weather, excellent job opportunities, fabulous public schools and beautiful neighborhoods.

The public school system (13 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 2 high schools) has been recognized both on a state and national levels. Standardized test scores are very high at most of the schools. The two high schools, Gunn High and Palo Alto High are highly regarded for their advanced classes. Palo Alto is also home to a prestigious all girl private school Castilleja.


  1. Palo Alto Hills
  2. Green Acres
  3. Barron Park
  4. South Palo Alto
  5. Midtown
  6. Ventura
  7. College Terrace
  8. Old Palo Alto
  9. Green Gables
  10. Crescent Park
  11. Community Center
  12. Professorville
  13. Downtown

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